“The Correct Method for Nordic Walking”

Contributed By: Sarah Standish
Language of Presentation: Arabic
Media Format: Downloadable File
School Level: College/University, Middle/High School
Institution/Provider: Namat Magazine
Condition of Use: Public Domain

This clip is from a magazine advising readers on the correct method for “Nordic walking.” The following are ways in which teachers can use it with students:

  • Cut out the circular labels for actions and have students try to figure out where each circle originally was, based on their knowledge of body parts (this much cutting can be time-consuming, so only embark on this if you have a student assistant who can help you).
  • For a unit on health and exercise, have students practice guessing new words from context: if they already know body parts, ask them to try to guess the meaning of new verbs like ارفع.  After you go over the meaning of new key words, play “Simon says” and give more complex directions than the traditional game.
  • Focus on grammar in context by asking students to identify instances of سقوط النون في الإضافة (appropriate for intermediate or advanced students).


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