Resource Box

What’s Inside the Box?

Each Resource Box has a variety of materials: textbooks, stories, films, lesson plans, games, posters, flags, and more! For a full list of the possible contents of each box, please click on the relevant link below:

Elementary school

Middle school

High school


The Resource Box is a travelling collection of materials to teach Arabic. Each box houses a variety of textbooks, films, dictionaries, children’s storybooks, readers, posters, audio CDs, teacher resources, games, and activities to enrich your Arabic classroom. The purpose of the Resource Box is to showcase the variety of existing materials available to Arabic teachers working with students in elementary, middle, and high school. Teachers can borrow a Resource Box for thirty (30) days to try out these resources in the classroom and give feedback. The box will then travel to the next teacher!


How to use the box in your classroom

We encourage you to try out these different resources in your classroom. Keep the box for 30 days, then send it on to the next teacher. Be sure to leave feedback on the resources by using the rubric.  The rubric will help QFI improve the contents of the Resource Box, and will help in the creation of the best quality materials in the future. At the end of 30 days, send the box to the next teacher (you will receive an address), and your shipping costs will be reimbursed.


1. The materials in the Resource Box are to be borrowed, not kept. The only exceptions to this are the Qatari flags, posters, Q-wheels, curricula, and workbooks, all of which you are welcome to keep for your classroom. You are also welcome to take the extra copies of sample lesson plans, although we ask that you leave the laminated “master copy” in the box. Upon receipt of the Resource Box, you agree to send it on with all the contents in the same condition as you found them.

2. If you notice any damaged items in the Resource Box upon receipt, please notify QFI via email ([email protected]). Please also notify us if there are any missing items so that we can replace them. If you do not notify QFI of missing or damaged items and the next user does, you will be held responsible for those items and QFI will not be able to reimburse your shipping costs.

3. If you have any feedback or suggestions for the box, please share them with QFI ([email protected]). We would love to hear what you think!

4. Before sending on the Resource Box, please complete one of the accompanying rubrics and place it in the box in the folder marked completed rubrics. Your feedback will help other teachers use these resources in their own classrooms.

5. You must send the box to the next user thirty days after the date you received it. If that date falls on a weekend or holiday, you have a grace period until the next business day.


6.  QFI will email you shortly before the end of the thirty-day period with the address of the Resource Box’s next destination. You should send the box via Ground Mail using a shipping service like FedEx or UPS.  Be sure to save your receipt.

7. You are required to pay all shipping costs initially. Once the box is sent, scan your receipt and email it to QFI ([email protected]) and your costs will be reimbursed if all items in the box are received in good condition. If the next person who receives the Resource Box notifies QFI of damaged or missing items, your costs will not be reimbursed. (See number 2 on this list.)

8. Please feel free to send in photos of the box, materials, or contents being used in the classroom. We love to see the boxes in action! Do note that QFI may share photos on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, so make sure to get permission from any students in the photos you send. If you need a photo release form please let us know but most schools have their own photo release forms.

9. Thank you for treating the Resource Box with care and respect. Thanks to your careful handling, lots of other teachers and students will also enjoy and benefit from the Resource Box!