National Bank of Kuwait – Ramadan Futoor 2011

بنك الكويت الوطني – إعلان الفطور – رمضان 2011

Contributed By: nshaath
Language of Presentation: Arabic
Dialect: Gulf (Kuwaiti)
Media Format: Streaming Video
School Level: College/University, Elementary, Middle/High School
Institution/Provider: National Bank of Kuwait
Collection: Arabic Language Through the Dialects
Condition of Use: Fair Use for Education

This video is presented by the National Bank of Kuwait and features a song about Ramadan. The song mentions some of the typical foods that Kuwaiti’s eat during Ramadan( هريس، يريش، كبسة، صب الجفجة). This song could be used in a food unit and is suitable for novice learners. >

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