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Contributed By: ralhomsi
Language of Presentation: Arabic, English
Media Format: Webpage
School Level: College/University
Institution/Provider: Riyad Alhomsi
Author: Riyad Alhomsi
Condition of Use: Fair Use for Education

This is an educational blog full of activities and resources that could be used by both teachers and learners of Arabic language. It contains audio and visual materials covering different topics and themes. The blog also covers different language skills; reading, writing, listening, speaking and culture. >

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  1. I like this resource. it gives great feedback on how you can improve yourself as a language teacher or a teacher in general. i like how it has pictures for students to reflect on and it doesn’t have an exact link to what students should do or what teachers should do, it is more of an ‘all the way around’ process’. its an open door to what a teacher can do and what a student can try.

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