Bahrain: Country Profile

Contributed By: Elisheva Cohen
Language of Presentation: English
Media Format: Webpage
School Level: College/University, Middle/High School
Institution/Provider: Middle East Policy Council
Author: TeachMideast
Collection: MEPC Country Profiles
Condition of Use: Fair Use for Education

This comprehensive country profile introduces readers to the Kingdom of Bahrain. It includes a basic demographic overview along with a historical overview of the country, an introduction to the diverse population of Bahrain, and a brief discussion of religion in Bahrain. The profile also includes information about Bahraini culture, including its art, music, and sports. This is a useful resource for a teacher wanting to learn a bit more about Bahrain. It is also a great resource for high school or college age students–information is accessible¬†and the layout is user friendly with pictures, graphs, and additional links. >

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