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Sitting on a bench overlooking the lake, she unexpectedly hears the whispering voice of her once-upon-a time college-life sweetheart. Now in their senior years with graying hair, they reflect on their past and embark on a journey of recollecting their pure yet passionately innocent encounter. “Breezes” is a romantic novel yearning to uphold the values and sacredness of love, loyalty, and family ethics.

This ibook is written in Arabic and accompanied by the English translation.

About the author:
Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri is an accomplished lawyer, an educator and a community activist who has advocated for human rights throughout her career. She has lectured and conducted training workshops in over 30 countries across every continent on the globe with major governmental and non-governmental organizations. She has also appeared on mainstream and alternative media outlets. Though she has published several books and articles on legal and social topics, “Breezes” is her first novel.

The English translation was done by Mouna Mana Ph.D. >

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  1. Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri writes the epitome of a story of true love when she writes her short novel “Breezes”. From beginning of the story to very end you follow a couple on their journey into and around their relationship and love for each other. The theme of the story is a young couple and the path of their relationship through time and age, as well as the deepening of their love for each other. The author uses a lot of symbols to convey the message that she wants with the exact amount of emotions. She use connections such as, the sea, flowers, birds, and breeze to express the love that the two people shared throughout the story. These symbols deepen the meaning of their loving words to each other and make the feelings of their deep affection more relatable to the reader. The writing was a little bit confusing and hard to follow at certain times, but all in all the main points of the story came through clearly. I would not recommend this story to someone that has a hard time following love stories because at times this story can get a little bit sappy. On the other hand, the overall concept of the story is one I feel that anyone can relate to because of the confusion and paths that the couple takes to communicate. The ending of the story leaves you with a sense of satisfaction and wraps up the entire story extremely well. Throughout the story I got the impression that AlDoueiri picks her wording and phrases carefully as to make the maximum impact on the reader as well as the stories of the characters love and memories.
    Getting into the meat of the story, AlDoueiri writes the story as if it were in the real time of the couple talking and reminiscing on their past life experiences. The couple goes through each stage of their love and growing passion for one another as if it were happening right in front of them as they reminisced. In the moments that AlDoueiri has the characters together they feel an entire history of a relationship in the words that are spoken. Each of them has their own input on the goings on of their past and as they go about the phases of the relationship and the meeting, it is easy for one to feel a connection to one or the other characters at particular points. AlDoueiri does an amazing job of representing each character evenly and giving us the whole picture on what they are thinking. Even though almost a lifetime has passed between the two characters, Aldoueiri does an excellent job keeping the story line the same and the love just as deep. The characters opinions of each other don’t change from the first sighting to the end, they continue to love and be loved in all of the circumstances, exactly the same as they had in the start.
    All this being said there are points where the story is a bit hard to follow because the language is different from what is typical of every day discourse. Along with this, the lack of introduction to the words of each character can make the content confusing to follow at times due to the fact that you might have to assume who is saying what. Although, all in all, the story is very well written and once you familiarize yourself with the way in which AlDoueiri writes it is a very good and true love story that depicts the passing of a lifetime of love between two characters.”Breezes” is a story that I feel anyone could read and relate to with the simple idea that people tend to look for love and that one never forgets their first love.

  2. Breezes, this short novel by Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri, is a beautiful tale about a lifetime of love between a man and a woman – both of whom have trouble expressing it due to fear, youth, and inexperience. From the very start, AlDoueiri describes incredible locations in great detail, which are soon accompanied by the emotional instincts of our two main characters. The story begins with the two lovers meeting, and progresses through their lives as they struggle to express their true feelings for fear of the other rejecting them. In each encounter that the two find themselves in, they cautiously approach each other so as to not scare the other off, as they worry that they are making mistakes and ruining their chances. This was perhaps my favorite thing about the book – the author perfectly captured the emotional turmoil that comes with attraction and infatuation, and paints the steps that the two go through in such great detail that the reader can almost feel the lovers’ pain for themselves.

    Admittedly, the novel does have a few issues with clarity, as it can be difficult to tell what each character is doing: whether or not they are expressing themselves to the other, or simply thinking out loud. This is compounded by the issue of speech – in some cases, the characters are actually speaking to one another, but their manner of speaking is remarkably similar to the style of their thoughts. Near the end of the book this is most prevalent, as it seems as though they are each thinking their fears out loud, and they begin to respond to one another. However, by keeping a close eye on the details and context of each situation, it is possible to keep track of the current character’s actions – it simply takes a bit of extra effort.

    On the other hand, the style which the author uses that causes this confusion brings about some interesting effects with regards to the characters. Rather than separating distinctly between every section, as they express themselves one by one, AlDoueiri meshes together each scenario so that it all feels connected. The man and woman are often running through similar situations in their heads, worrying about the same things – but because of the writing style, it feels as though they are doing it together, and brings about a feeling of unity that may not have otherwise been possible. It should also be noted that the font-style and size is different for each character, which helps to keep track within every part of the book.

    As this book is written by an Arabic author, and was originally written in Arabic, this is a novel which may have a few inconsistencies due to errors in translation. As I am unable to read Arabic, I cannot speak to the faithfulness that the English translation has to the original, but this book does provide both versions side by side. On that note, the book is initially a bit strange to read, as the Arabic version is offered on the left page with English on the right, but it does not take long to adjust. Seeing as there are no obvious problems with the English version, it is certainly a novel that does not suffer from the differences in these two languages.

    Overall, this is an incredible story with emotions that any person can relate to regardless of their nationality. The love that these two characters share is the kind that transcends cultural boundaries, written to express every step of the romantic process that people young and old can relate to. But make no mistake, this book is indeed a love story, full of vivid imagery and romantic metaphor, which may or may not appeal to the average reader. However, if romance novels are of interest to you, or if you are simply a fan of good, unique writing, then this is a novel that deserves a read (or maybe even two).

  3. The novel Breezes was a different take on your common love story. We see the classic boy meets girl falling in love scenario, but this time it isn’t quite so happily ever after. The author, Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri, reminds readers that love is often times filled with uncertainty and that uncertainty can easily cause the destruction of a relationship. As the relationship between the male and female character develops we can see in it very common aspects that most of us who have had a high school sweetheart can relate to. There’s the first encounter that sparks the love interest and the feelings that continue to grow stronger as you spend more and more time with the person. As the feelings grow stronger and stronger every aspect of your being becomes centered around the other and you wonder and hope that they feel the same way. Eventually the feelings are mutually shared and you go out with the person thinking that you’re going to be together forever. But, like with most people, something happens and the love you once had for that person begins to subside, eventually leading to a separation. This was what I enjoyed most about the novel. Not because the characters were separated for several years, but because the story had a sense of realism. This was not your typical cliché love story, rather it applied an example of how the love in a relationship can actually end. The point being to portray how the greater the love between two people becomes the more at risk you are of a broken heart.
    Before I had read the novel I assumed that the story would follow the same old romance plot of two people falling in love, going through a series of happy adventures together, then living a fairy tale ending. But this story was different. It portrayed the common themes of love but showcased it in both a perspective of youth and old age. The story first begins with both characters in their later years and as they go through both there spoken and unspoken conversations we are taken back in time to witness how the love between them began and grew, as well as why it did not last. We can see that their love for one another was true and it seemed like they would indeed have a loving and lasting relationship. In spite of this it was only a simple misunderstanding that caused the whole thing to collapse leading both individuals to live a life apart, forever longing for the other. I felt like AlDoueiri wanted to show that the more of yourself you give to a person the easier it is to be harmed by them and that naturally we take steps against this by guarding our hearts. The youth of the characters was significant because it showed how when your young you often react to things quickly and may not think about things as rationally as you probably should, while in old age you often gain experience and wisdom and this lets you review actions and make better ones. It was because of the knowledge she gained in later years that the female character was able to realize her mistake in distancing herself. This was also another enjoyable aspect of the story because it wasn’t so simple as one character trying to desperately recapture the love of the other. Even after realizing her mistake she did not beg for forgiveness and eagerly await his acceptance. Rather both accepted that the past cannot be changed and without bitterness or anger their love finally rekindled. Overall, this novel was an interesting read that not only showed timeless love, but also insightful reflection.

  4. Breezes by Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri (translated by Mouna Mana) is a story about the limerence of a man and a woman who were incapable of expressing their feelings to one another. They end up drifting apart believing their story has ended, until a chance meeting allows them to reconcile their past. The story is written as free verse poetry where punctuation is replaced by line breaks and text formatting replaces dialogue tags. Though I appreciate the authors desire to use a unique design style, and could even be convinced that it helped to promote a more organic feel to the dialog, I spent much of my time confused as to what was spoken in a character’s head and what was actually spoken out loud. Should it be helpful to future readers, text that is bold and italicized represents the female character, text in a serif font and italicized represents the male character, and non-italicized bold text represents the narrator. The theme of Breezes feels almost universal, two people with the burning desire for one another but not recognizing that they share the same feelings, it’s a tail as old as time itself. But honestly for me it was not the kind of love story I enjoy, it’s not to say it was done poorly, I just find the constant romantic tension with no satisfactory resolution to be uncomfortable. I also found the development of the story somewhat confusing, I’m not really sure if the events of the book took place during the chance meeting in the beginning or if the man and woman met several times after that first accidental meeting. Especially because the characters talk so much about the past, I found it difficult knowing if what past they were talking about was recent past or distant past. I could not recommend this book to everyone, but if you are someone that enjoys poetry as well as romance novels, this could be a good fit for you.

  5. If it were not for my Arabic Literature class, I would not have read this book. This book is written in a way that is poetry-like, but does read easily, which is nice. The story opens with two lovers who find each other after years of being apart and not being able to see one another. As you continue reading you get to follow the two as they talk about their own love story and what happened between them while the other was not around. The two met when they were younger and continue to meet throughout their lives, yet each time they do encounter one another, neither expresses their feelings for the other.

    A major theme that I seemed to have picked up while reading the novel is the theme of fear. Throughout the years and various encounters that the two have shared with one another, they were both too afraid to tell the other about their feelings. This also ties into another theme that appears in the novel, which is rejection. The lovers are both terrified of being rejected by the person that they are in love with, which causes them to keep quiet after all of those years. The issue of just having anything to say at all causes problems as well, cause, as the novel shows, it is not always easy to express how you feel to someone you love. There is one scene where the guy hints at his feelings for her by saying everything in the restaurant was beautiful, including the people, but the girl completely looks past this and does not even notice his compliment. No matter whom it is with, love can be a scary thing, cause the person you that you may be trying to connect with may not want that connection back.

    This novel deals with a lot of life issues that a large portion of people will experience, which is dealing with love while not wanting to be hurt. The two lovers may not have gotten together when they first realized their feelings, but they, in a way, still act like they are a couple. At one point in the story, the woman things that the boy got together with another girl, causing a huge fight between the two. This is not exactly something that people who are “just friends” deal with. The girl responded to the situation as if she was already in a relationship with him.

    Overall, I thought the book was very well written in that the author, Wafica AlDoueiri, did an excellent job with bringing in the reader and making the reader feel all of the emotions that the characters are feeling. On the other hand though, it was a bit too much of a “lovey-dovey” type of story for me. With that being said, I also did not like the poetry aspects of it, as poetry is in no way something that I am good at, as I get bored with it fairly easily. I did like that this book is relatable in the sense that a lot of people know how the man and woman feel when they are saying that they are scared to tell each other the truth of how they feel, or that they do not want to be rejected by the other. Another aspect I enjoyed about this book was that the author had their love age with them. The reader gets to see how the boy’s and girl’s love was when they first met, but then we also got to see it at different stages in their life.

    It may not be my favorite book, but it is far from my least favorite. If anyone were to ask me whether or not I would recommend it I would say yes, because I am a firm believer in letting other people decide whether something is good or not by themselves.

  6. Breezes is the short novel that depicts the hardships that love has placed on two soul mates. Their lives, which should have been blissfully spent together, were filled with remorse and regret due to arrogance and the lies of others. It is clear from the beginning of the novel that the two are madly in love, despite never being able to admit it to each other. Their days are spent silently growing closer and learning about each other without ever really displaying their love. Years later after the women was forced to “boycott” her feelings and avoid the man, they happen to meet again. This chance encounter, which they both know as fate, rekindles the love that never dimmed between them despite their absence. The purity of their love can be described as nothing short of soul mates and the enormity of their emotions towards each other is unmatched by any love story I’ve read before. The innocence and beauty of the romance in Breezes is unparalleled in the english literary world. Although confusing at times to decipher, the song like story envelope the reader from the beginning and transport you through their lives. Their raw and powerful emotions mixed with the authors profound ability to paint with her words captivates you from the start and leaves you breathless when the two overcome all and remain still so undeniably infatuated with each other. The passage of time, although apparent in their appearance, has only strengthened their bond and allowed their love to mature and grow even more as they aged. Their reality is often misinterpreted as dreams and vice versa and I believe that to be the most beautiful message of the story. No amount of fear or regret has been able to weaken the truth that they know in their hearts to be true. As they reconnect and finally lay everything on the line they intertwine reality and imagination. They cannot decipher when truth becomes fantasy because both of them have had such vivid wishes and dreams of each other. There are many beautiful lines in the story that make you stop and think such as, “If only youth knew and if only age were able”. They discuss this because she wishes that she knew what she knows now when she was younger so she could have made a more informed decision and she wishes that now in her age she were able to do something about it. Another thought provoking quote is, “and the key to the heart… is a look”. This stood out to me because it is so innocent and pure. All it would have taken for them to know the depths of their emotion is one look. One passing glance and they would have been able to see through the lies and politeness they were using to hide behind. Love is transparent and theres is so clear to see to everyone except each other. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the book and have a much deeper appreciation now for Arab literature than I did before. The novel is thought provoking, emotional, and still manages to show the differences that we face as a culture. I would recommend this book highly to anyone who wants to escape reality for the time being and I commend the author for being able to captivate generations of all ages.

  7. Have you ever been in love so bad it hurt? The novel Breezes is just that and more with the author Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri showing that love is often times much more than a Disney fairytale in which the prince sweeps the damsel in-distress off of her feet. This novel is about two young sweet hearts who fall in love during grade school, which sparked feelings that never went away. Eventually the two fall out of love and fall apart the however, the two never loose feelings for each other. Continuously thinking about what may have happen if they would have stayed together, would they have been happy all of those years? They could have faced all of the worlds problems together, not alone wishing that they would have still been together. One aspect of this book that I really enjoyed was the fact that it was not you’re a-typical love story, the two fell apart and yet still love each other unfortunately they realize this when they are older. Personally, I found this story very relatable and I could picture how my life fit into this story. One part of the story in particular that stood out to me is when they are asking each other why they let each go? At the point of time when you are breaking up with someone you may not really understand why they are letting you go, you may think everything as fine and they don’t feel the same way. I have felt like this before; I could not understand we the relationship fell apart. One can only hope that I will not feel like the two main characters when I am their age.

    The novel is translated into English yet the author left the Arabic poems in the book as well they preceding the English translation. This somewhat small detail I feel was very crucial, it helps provide the reader with some insight as to where the author came from and the struggles that he or she may have had. Growing up in the United States you often forget just how good you have it, and when you face struggles you think the world is caving in on you. Having the original poem right before the English translation was a reminder that this author is from a different country and wrote about something that happens to all of us. The title itself has importance in the novel, as you read the novel it you will see that the two characters and maybe even yourself cannot “breeze” in and out of love; it is hard work and will take time for your relationship to truly succeed. I would highly recommend this novel, it is truly a real-life love story that everyone can appreciate and relate to.

  8. Breezes is another love story that is being told by both the male and female who are in love. After reading this book the first thing the story reminded of was Romeo and Juliet. In Romeo and Juliet the two lovers have passionate love for each but find it hard to express the love they have for each other because they come from two different families, that feud with each other and at the end of Romeo and Juliet love conquered all obstacles. The same kind of love is being portrayed in Breezes in my opinion. I think this because in Breezes you have a man and a woman who are deeply in love and afraid to express their love to each other. When you first open the book and read the first page you instantly know the author is creating a love novel. I say this because the way the man begins to describe the woman he love he gets really deep. As I continued reading I began rooting for the lovers to reunite and express their love for one another and live happily ever after The thing I liked the most about breezes was the vivid imagery it gives when each the author, man, and woman began to speak it made me feel like I was watching a movie. I was able to see everything in my mind like I was there. For example Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri states, “The glittering river flowed gently, droplets of water shining within.” The book is divided into different sections and point of views and each section is either the man talking about the woman and the woman talking about the man. The titles of these section describe how the man or the woman is feeling and what the section will be about. I will the title is a big part of understanding the book. These two lovers thought their love for each other faded away and their love for each other came back like a breeze from the wind, when they had their chance to meet each other. I say their love came back like a breeze in the wind because Breezes is the title and I believe that the title is saying just that about their love. The only thing about the book that I think possibly be a negative if the ending to me is kind of cliché. Don’t get me wrong it was a happy ending but how it ended has been seen before. A thoughtless theme for the book will be something like “Love conquers all” or “love overcomes all obstacles.” At the end of the story the author is trying to deliver a message about love. That author also illustrates that unspoken love will always cause one to be overwhelmed. I would recommend this book to people who are into the romantic love stories with a positive ending. I would also recommend this book to people who can actually relate to the love that these two people share for each other. Overall I like the book myself and there was nothing in the book that I would say was boring. The book keeps you attached and waning to know what happens next. As I read the book I was constantly taking sides. Sometimes the woman would have my support another time the man would but at the end of the day I was rooting for them to finally express their love and be together liked they both wanted from the beginning. The book is very enjoyable and I wouldn’t see why anyone besides myself wouldn’t enjoy it.


    I am not too much of reader so once I opened the book and looked at it I thought it was poetry of some sort i did get a little scared but it is just kind of in the poetry format. The book, “Breezes” written by Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri and translated by Mouna Mana in the book there is both languages offered, English on one side as to Arabic on the other. This is a romantic love story about a man and a women (which do not state their names but show them as a him or her) who were once in love. Which they both have not seen each other for a very long time they had drifted apart in till one day many years later they end up meeting each other again. They both have feeling towards each other but both are unable to express how much they mean to each other. But they both have a fear of getting rejected from each other. The book starts out with the women’s point of view and her feelings towards the man that is in the story. Then the man has a part of his point of view towards the women and what he thinks of her. I like how you can see both sides of the story from the man and the women and I feel like they have the same thoughts about each other. Then the titles of the sections kind of tell what the section will be about and how the man and the women talk about each other. These two were secretly lovers back in the day and they thought their love would drift away (which it did at that time), but a certain breeze brought them and their love back together. I say that because their love did drift away but once they met up again that breeze, which is the title of the back brought their love back.

    I did not think I would like this book because as I said I am not a big fan on reading but then again I don’t like reading about other people’s romantic love life. But I was wrong I really enjoyed reading this book. It was very easy to understand what was going on section by section. So if you like to read romantic novels or not I think you really should read this book it is wonderful!!!

  10. The short novel, Breezes written by Mansour AlDoueiri (translated by Mouna Mana) is about a man and a woman who’s love for each other stands the test of time. Through the poetic writing of Mansour AlDoueiri we are taken on a journey where two people who love each other are torn apart by distance. As little children a spark of love ignited between the two main characters. Both feel as if their chance to love the one their soul belongs to has past them by because of the distance placed between them. They wondered if they hadn’t separated could thing have worked? Or about where they would be if they stuck together? Coincidently they run into each other and get another shot at love. When they finally meet up, sparks fly, they reconcile their past and look forward to the future together. The beautiful thing about this love story is you get to watch it grow from childhood all the way into their elderly years. The love story was a little hard to follow and the reason the man never went up to her to tell her how he felt was a little bazar but I get that rejection is hard for a lot of people, especially because he loved her so much.
    Though this book was a charming love story, there were both pros and cons to the writing style. First off, the writing style was very regale and authentic which I liked, it felt like I was reading a real conversation with real people. I also loved the author did not really use the names of the characters because it felt like I could put myself into the love story that was unfolding. In all actuality it made me think of some of my past romances and think about our adversities and if we had stuck it out where we would be now. Another thing I thought was really cool was it was a bilingual book so when you read it, one side was in Arabic and one side was in English. I like how the author did her best to open the audience that she was writing for. One thing I do wonder is that if it was translated well. I know when you translate some words from one language to the other sometimes you lose their richness or their organic meaning, and I wonder if it would feel different reading it in its original language instead of English.
    There were some things about the book I did not like. For instance, I was not found of the dialog not only did I get confused about who was talking about what I got confused on the time periods they were talking about. A lot of the conversation that took place was reminiscing or criticizing the past. I had a hard time following whether they were speaking about the present or the past. I had to keep reminding myself they the female was bold and italicized and the male had not italicization. Also I could not keep up with what their thoughts were and what their actual words were.
    All in all, it was a great book. I think that sometimes as westerners we put this stereotype on middle eastern culture and believe that there is no romance there because woman are oppressed and men from that culture are brutal tyrants. I think this shows us a great perspective of their humanity. With its beautifully poetic agenda it sheds light on the reality of love in every culture. It was a great read and I would most certainly recommend it to my friends and family.

  11. Breezes is a novel by Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri that reflects on the love and insecurities of two people who meet during their college years and never find the way to express the love they had for each other not until their senior years in life. The book is filled with many emotions and the author is able to show these emotions through the poetic format, imagery and dialogue between the two characters. The novel is written with the perspective of the two characters showing and expressing the many emotions of love and insecurities and through this the reader is able to understand the feelings the man and woman had for each other.
    The novel begins with two lovers, who are young and still discovering who they are as people, they find it hard to communicate or show the love they have for each other. As they reflect on their life it is shown how as they spend time together the way they reveal the feelings they have is very much like anyone who is young and in love would act, making an effort in saying the right things or acting a certain way. As time goes by the two characters have a falling out and although they are separate the dialogues show the emotion of insecurity they both had and reflect on how they did not want to lose each other but it was difficult for her to forgive him for what he did. But through the separation and uncertainties the characters are able to realize and restore the love that had always been present.
    An evident theme found in the novel is love, which is shown between the two characters as they reflect the love they have had for each other, when they first met and as the years passed by. Although they had lost communication there was still the sense of love that they had for each other. Love is a theme that is constant throughout the whole story as the two characters declare the feelings they have had for each other as they relive those moments that put them in the position that led to their separation. The theme of insecurity is shown in the novel as conflict in the relationship with ideas from others who created the feelings of uncertainty and the author is able to show this through the characters questioning the emotions they had for each other. The sense of insecurity is presented through the separation that ultimately discloses how they never lost love for each other.
    The imagery used by AlDoueiri throughout the novel gives the effect that as one is reading the story the emotions are easily perceived. The imagery throughout the story connects the emotions of love and insecurities. “Their thoughts crashed like waves in a storm” the use of the simile is able to display the emotions that the characters have for each other and through this the author creates visuals all through the novel. The dialogue and poetic language highlight the importance of emotions that occurred during their lives, although it was difficult at times to understand who was saying what at times the author was able to clearly state the emotions through this format. Each chapter gives the impression of the chronical consequences that occurred during the characters’ lives and how important it was for them.
    With all this being said Breezes is a novel I would recommend anyone to read from any age group. Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri’s use of language and connections with imagery compel you in wanting to read more. A beautiful well written novel that expresses the emotions of love and insecurities through two characters that are molded into one with the poetic approach of the dialogue that highlights the portions of their lives they shared and were the most important.

  12. Jamilex Favela
    This book is called Breezes, by Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri. Translated by Mouna Mana. If this story could be described in one word. It would be love. I would consider it’s theme being lost love. A woman and man grew up loving each other, due to a misunderstanding and fear they stopped talking and separated from each other. They soon come face to face again. Their minds and feelings go wild with thoughts and things they should say. Their fear of being rejected consumes their minds so much they stay quiet for a while. Once they start talking they realize how much they loved each other and how they let time pass them by. They figured out how their love still lights up like when they were younger. This story was so cute and different. The way this author described every single image was beautiful. To the way the setting was , to their love. It made you just want to go for it and really not consider a what if I did this what would of happened . If I had to include it’s weaknesses I would say, It had me a little confused sometimes, when it would go back to remembering something from the past and back to the present. Or when they would be talking to themselves in their head, then talk out loud. Another weakness would just be the amount of description for the characters. I could really imagine them in my head, to make up the story. It’s like seeing the movie in your head while you are reading it. I could imagine where they were at with detail, but not the characters. I think that can definitely affect the book, because I feel like the reader should know as much detail as they can. But then again, I think the author was more focused on their love and past. Either way I would definitely recommend this book to my family and friends. I never got bored. It kept me wondering why their love was lost and how they got this long without speaking to each other. I believe readers will enjoy a love story, that is different from your usual fairy tale. Overall, this book was great and had me very interested. I read it easily and pretty fast. Considering other books. This book stood by its theme and didn’t wander off. I also like the set up of the pages , it looks like a poem and at times flows like a poem would. It isn’t cheesy and overly romantic. It’s like the characters truly meant what they were saying. You felt the hurt, pain, and love with each sentence you read. That is a great book if you ask me . When you can feel the emotions of each character. Although, it was like a love story you expect them to be together in the end. This book really gave you no clues, you wanted them to be together. But she seemed hurt and unsure. It was great to see them end up together as they should have been from the start. If you like romantic, love , poetic, detailed and amazing books you should read this book and share it along with your family and friends. The amount of work and detail doesn’t add up to me just recommending it , you really have to go read it for your self. Just reading the first few pages will have you wanting to be in the story with the amount of detail the pages say about the water and animals relaxing.

  13. Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri’s Breezes was a short story that was written in a form that
    seems like it is poetry and was originally written in Arabic but translated by Mouna Mana. The story in itself is a cute love story however I also found it quite a bit boring and hard to comprehend.
    The story is about two people, a boy and a girl whose names were never mentioned, who were once lovers back in their twenties and have an encounter once again many years on after they have aged quite a bit. Throughout the story they two talk about their fears and how they did not want to be rejected by one another. The author allows you to know what both people are thinking in their heads during the encounter and their thought process. While you were able to see inside their minds you would see that the two truly loved each other; however, they had the assumption that the other did not feel the same way about them and were very insecure as a result. They were afraid of rejection and were very awkward around each other, but “And it took me a long time afterwards to know that it was a sign of a deep pure love” (AlDoueiri, pg.20).
    Even though the story in itself may have been good for a love story I still personally found it very boring and hard to comprehend. The main reason I found the story boring was because the couple were being “wimps” and were too “afraid” to show their emotion to one another that they made the situation among themselves very awkward. Although there was some awkward interaction among the two characters, much of the dialogue was also in the characters
    minds which also led to a boring story. The story was also very hard to comprehend because of the way it was written. If the story was not written in a “poem-like” way it may have been much easier to understand. I also believe that some of the way that the story may have been meant to come out was lost in the translation as it is very hard to make a completely accurate translation of a book with what the author’s true message is without the author being the one to translate it themselves.
    All in all, AlDoueiri’s book Breezes is not for everyone. If it were not for a course I am taking in college I would not have read the book in the first place. I personally found the story very boring and hard to comprehend. However, this book was not targeted for a readers such as myself and if you are someone who is into short and cute love stories, I would give this book a shot as it wasn’t that bad.

  14. When I first started to read “Breeze’s” written by Wafica Mansour Aldoueiri I was surprised by the layout of the book. The book was written in half Arabic and English. The book was originally an Arabic piece of literature but luckily translated in English by Mouna Mana. At first I wasn’t too excited to read this book because I am not much of a reader and I don’t like to read on my free time; and I thought the entire book was going to be all poetry so that’s what made me not interested in the beginning. What automatically caught my attention in the story is the fact that it is a love story. The story is about two lovers who meet at a young age and never act upon their feelings because they are afraid of the terrible feeling of rejection; but fate finds its way of bringing the two together as they are old and grey. No matter the obstacles they faced they realized that the love they had for one another would never go away. At times I felt as if it was somewhat hard to follow along due to the characters not having any names and sometimes not knowing who is delivering the dialogue. If I had to compare this piece of literature to anything that I have read before I would have to compare it to “The Notebook” written by Nicholas Sparks. “The Notebook” is probably a majority of this centuries teens favorite romance book/film including mine. I compare “Breezes” to “The Notebook” only because of the young love that turns into two lovers finding their way back together resulting in the two growing old together. I find “Breeze’s” to be a bit more realistic and more interesting due to the cultural difference. What I really enjoyed about this novel would be that no matter what culture, or gender you are you can find yourself emotionally ingested in this novel and perhaps you may find a way of relating to the characters. I would recommend anyone to read this beautiful piece of literature and encourage them to give it a chance and to be prepared for an emotional roller-coaster.

  15. The book “Breezes” by Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri is a beautiful love story. I began the book because it was a requirement for a college course I am taking but I quickly fell in love with the story. The love story shows how two people reconnect after their many years of different lives. They slowly rekindle their romance and give in to their feelings for each other. The wording of the story is so beautiful and poetic. At first I believed I was reading different love poems the way the words were laid out and placed. It made it even more entertaining to read and seeing the Arabic on the next page added an even more exciting point to the story. It was interesting to be able to read a story interpreted from a different language. I would like to point out that these words are just as beautiful or even more beautiful than any other romance novel I have ever read.
    The author was successful in proving the love between the two. It reminded me of a Romeo and Juliet type of situation because their loyalty and ethics are called into question because of their religions and loyalty to their family. However, especially after many years of being apart and much courting they prove to themselves that they belong together. One aspect I loved that the author added was their stories of the past. Beautiful stories about trips and their time in school together and even more serious conversations about infidelity. It showed their history and showed how their romance began in the first place. You can see the longing for each other on both sides. The man is more sure of his feelings but the woman definitely does have some reservations at first. You can tell that they are unsure of the other’s feelings with their inner monologues.
    On a negative aspect, throughout the short story I was sometimes unable to interpret when these events took place. I couldn’t tell if they happened a long time ago when they were younger or in the more recent past. I would also like to point out the difficulty in knowing who was speaking at which time. There are three different types of texts in the story representing, the woman, the man and the narrator. It took me a while to figure out who represented who but once I did the story flowed a lot better and I was able to enjoy it much more. A recommendation would be to figure this out right away to be able to fully understand who is speaking especially because the language is so similar between all three. However, I did enjoy that we got to see both point of views of the romance. We were able to see the uncertainty and excitement of both of them as they would meet every day. It excited me just as much.
    I would definitely recommend reading this short story, especially if you are a fan of romance novels. Their is a little difficulty here and there but as I said once you understand who is speaking you will be able to fully understand the story and be able to see who’s point of view you are reading at the time. It opens your eyes to a different love story than we are used to and in a different part of the world. Despite the difficulty in times, AlDoueiri found a way to bring us an inspiring love story proving that distance can make a love even stronger and that it is never too late find true love.

  16. 6/11/16​​​​Book Review Stephanie Estrada

    ​As I read the novel Breezes, I found a lot of emotions that rose as the story became more intense. Breezes is a novel in which two people went to high school with each other, but never had the chance to actually see if they were meant for one another. During the story, it explained how they were both afraid of the ‘unknown’ that was created between them, as they feared rejection from one another as well as failure to make one another satisfied. I found it very lovely as a theme of ‘fate’ was the first thing picked up in this novel. The man and woman hadn’t seen each other in years and luckily they had crossed paths with God’s grace. One thing I did not favor was how the author set the story up, where the audience had no idea if they were actually speaking to each other, or if the words said were internal dialogue. One other thing I did not like was how the tension of love was throughout the story, without a resolution to whether or not they ended up dating. In the end is when we find the two senior citizens together by the lake, which clarifies what he were wondering. This story is great, and definitely proves to be realistic in today’s society, as many fear rejection from people they are interested in as well as fearing what the future has in store for a person. Another great theme that can be found in this novel was “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, as it surely did between the two characters. In the beginning, it was the rejection the guy received from the girl but towards the middle of the novel, we come to realize that she had “boycotted” against him for rumors she heard, but them ended up questioning herself whether or not she had made the right decision. Each character fought themselves through their silent dialogue which I thought was great because, we were given a chance to see how each person was truly feeling. I would highly recommend this novel to each individual that is interested in reading a love story, as it highlights important factors that a person should think of such as being hopeful for the future and letting fate take its course. This story as well explains how each person was crazy for one another, but inside they kept the fear that was holding each of them away from one another. I really enjoyed how the author gave the audience a chance to not only understand what events were taking place, but they offered readers the ability to vision what each character was doing as well as the beautiful scenery described. The author made sure to allow the audience a chance to take the story as we wish, whether the events were actually happening, or if this novel was made up of feelings each person had that were never said or acted upon. Breezes is a great story that shows was pure and true love is, as the couple ended up together by fate and actually turned out to be great for one another as they puzzled up the missing pieces from their love story. Love like the two had in the novel is something I hope to find one day. This novel has led me to believe that true love does exist, and that fate does work out with most people. I hope to find a love where the other person craves your attention, your affection, and to hold your hand and walk through your mind with a single touch to the face. The metaphors and similes used in the novel were great and I definitely would read this book over again. It was an honor to be able to read this book, as it was one of the best love stories that I had ever read in my life.

  17. Wafica Mansour Aldoueiri’s, Breezes, is a short novel about the infatuation of a man and women who are strongly connected to each other in their adolescent years. In the story, the two appeared to be inseparable but as time went on they both failed to confide in the love and emotion they once had towards each other which causes them to drift apart. This lost emotion then carries on into their prior years where they meet again and confess their mutual departing was caused from fear of denial from one another. It can become really intense revealing how you feel towards someone, especially a significant other. You never know anyone’s intentions except your own and the thought of rejection is frightening so it only seems best to not say anything at all which these two did and that’s what makes this story a relatable one.
    The connection between these two was so pure and so warm that it made it almost impossible to not want them to be together. I love stories like this. You have your two star crossed lovers who are just like regular people, insecure but won’t show it. While reading I wanted to rip my hair out because of what pride does. The visuals of this story were really good. The story like was easy to comprehend and easy to follow, it almost felt as if the author put you as the middle man that these two needed to save them from drifting apart in the first place. The novel had a poetic feel and included middle eastern characteristics which added onto why it was so difficult for the man and woman to be together. (In the middle east women are married to who the father deems fit for his daughter) When the two come across each other again there is this spark in their eyes like things never changed. It felt as if they were in the same exact setting where they first fell in love except in this setting they have grey hair and are as fragile as elders come.
    What I’ve noticed from reading Arabic literature is the sincerity. Not saying that American literature isn’t at all but in Arabic literature I noticed is the power of the tone and the context. Arabic authors put their way of life in a new perspective and I think that’s important when learning about the culture. This novel portrays the message that time heals all and what’s meant to be will find its way. I feel rejection is something that has always been around even in earlier times but this story gives the idea of hope and possibility that anything can happen. What’s wrong in today’s day and age is that people are so concerned in finding someone instead of finding the right one and it leads to disappointment. I know people that have or had been together since high school. Some of them are still together and some aren’t. This just goes to show how things can change in a matter of time and you should learn to find happiness within yourself because it’s possible that person won’t always be there. Not in Breezes though, this story of a content ending is only what one can dream. From reading this story, it has taught me to not be afraid to show that you love someone or something because you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Love is essential to our daily lives and can be focused on anything. I particularly love to focus all mine on my dog. Breezes is truly a beautiful story and a good reminder me to not lose faith in anything because what’s supposed to happen, will happen.

  18. The short novel “Breezes” introduces the story of two elders reminiscing on their past and how their love came to be. Written by Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri and translated to English by Mouna Mana, “Breezes” displays the meaning of true love and destiny revolving around a man and a woman whom have had feelings for each other for years. Through the use of poetry and story-telling from each of the unnamed characters perspectives, Wafica is able to relay her intended message by applying different writing techniques throughout the novel.
    Wafica utilizes a different form of font during the novel to help give the readers an idea of who is speaking, and who they are speaking to. Throughout the story, Mana changes the font type to a lighter, more complex type of font that indicates that a character is thinking to themselves subconsciously. This type of technique is evident when Mana translates “How could I hold her hands now? When I couldn’t even dare do that in my twenties?” (19). In this example, Wafica uses the font change to show the reader what the man is thinking to himself. Although older and more mature, the man still feels the same way he felt in his youth. Feared by love, he feels uncomfortable with his lover, just as he did in his twenties. In order to continue the silent dialogue between the two, Wafica once again changes her font style, this time to a bolder text, indicating that the woman’s thoughts are being showed. This is present in the story when the woman replies to the man through silent dialogue by saying “He is calling me to him, stretching his hands out like that to hold me… He knows that I would not allow now What I forbade myself when I was young.” (20). Just as the man had expected, the woman would not allow him to express his love to her with physical contact. Though no words are being spoken to each other, both of the characters understand and reply to one another throughout their conversation.
    Another writing technique that the author uses to help the reader understand the novel is using similes and imagery. A combination of the two is shown when Mana translates “Their thoughts crashed like waves in a storm.” (19) The comparison Wafica makes is used to describe how frozen in fear each of the characters were. They stood there confused, with everything in their minds slamming to a halt. The image of “waves in a storm” directly correlates with what kind of relationship the two characters have. The waves represent a calm, mellow image, which is what the relationship is when the couple mature. The storm, which portrays a dark, fearful state, represents the type of relationship the couple had in their youth. By using effective similes and imagery in her novel, Wafica gives her audience an idea of what she is trying to portray, which ultimately gives the readers a better understanding of the story.

    Overall, the story is enjoyable and understandable. There is some difficulty following along with the story, however, which is mainly attributed to the style in which the story is written in. The novel jumps around a bit, referring to the past, present, and future at different times. Also, the use of silent dialogue between the couple makes it relatively hard to understand how the two characters communicate without speaking to each other. Yet despite these minor reading obstacles, Wafica is still able to get her story and message across to her audience, with the help of some effective writing techniques.

  19. Aine Garza-Gormley
    “Breezes” Review

    Coming from an American and English perspective, this book immediately grasps your attention. Not only because of the fact that the narrative contains breath-taking and sensational literary elements, but for the reason that we are used to reading the book from left to right, and we are forced to change our perspective literarily, which adds to our figurative imagination throughout the novel. “Breezes,” written by Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri, (Translated through Mouna Mana) is a story that takes place, in the adventurous mind of our protagonist, an unnamed elderly woman. Through the thoughts, emotions, and actions portrayed by this woman, we slowly emerge into the world of love, and communication with a man who she used to have feelings for, whom is also remained unnamed.
    The two were originally secret lovers from a young age; beginning around the years of late college. However, the haunting theme of “fear” came into play a numerous amount of times throughout the novel. These two were unable to express their compassion for each other that was fueled by intelligence and beauty because the thing that kept them apart was fear; fear of rejection. It is visible throughout the novel that there is a constant divide between the two, not only literary and how the plot turns out, but the literature components to use poems to divide their connection. Though the poems bring them together through memories, thoughts and feelings, from an analytical standpoint, the poems separate the text and plot, and isolate our two protagonists even further from each other. Ultimately, the real fear created is not just a fear of rejection, but the fear of not taking the chance and regretting it later in life; as the woman reflects and speculates on these moments throughout her life.
    Overall, this narrative has been written beautifully from the context to the emotion, it pours out of the book and makes you feel all tingly, yet also makes you ponder your own life, and the decisions you have made in the past. Reading the book and associating this woman’s life experiences, with your own, really makes you reflect on the past, but especially the future as well. This woman leads a life, in which she undergoes many experiences that many of us will or at least hope to have as well one day. But when that day comes; do we really know what to say or do? The author has given some insight and just one, of the many perspectives that, thankfully, has been written so we too, can experience another view of the world.
    In conclusion, the poetry, the prose, the narrative, all the figurative and literary style used to compose such a piece has been extremely influential to many who have read this book, and I too suggest that if you get a chance, you should definitely buy this book and read it, just for the life lessons alone. Honestly, in all regards I loved this book from beginning to end; to take such an alluring experience, and develop that into a full blown context that speaks on the levels of many great authors, is truly magical and is worth reading right to left for.

  20. In the usual love story, you are always used to the usual falling in love and some mishap happening but then the couple finding each other once again and creating a happy ending. However, in Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri’s Breezes, you see a different story in which a couple who falls in love end up separating from each other and suppressing their feelings for the rest of their life. I was honestly not expecting it out of this book to get that sense of a story. It is sad how much a rumor can turn on people and make people make rash decisions that they may regret later on. This story was full of emotions as you read on hearing what each person had to say about the other from falling in love to still having feelings for one another yet not ever getting back together. I have to admit, it was confusing at times the way that the words on the pages were structured without showing which character was talking, but I think that also gave it its simplicity. This form of free style can be also another deciding factor if you are able to read the story easily since I had trouble and kept going back in forth to read it. It is a sense of poetry that the author tried to incorporate into the book. The author’s different version of a love story I think was unique in that it is something that can also happen because many stories out there are always so happy and magical and showing that everything always works out. If you are one of those people who loves the romantic and building up love stories do not read it because it is more of a sad love story. As I have mentioned, it is not your typical love story. However, I think that if you are someone who likes to read something different, more realistic as you can say, then you should give this book a chance and read it.

  21. Dajae Hunter
    Arabic 290
    The short novel Breezes by Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri, since I had nothing but time to read because I was at work doing nothing for eight hours straight; but I really did not think I would enjoy reading the novel the way I did. After reading the first paragraph, I could not stop reading gaining all my attention towards the book; the main thing I was focusing on was finishing the book. Although I thought it was awkward because the book was written from right to left and that is because it is apart of Arabic culture, but it was clearly obvious that I was draw in with interest. This novel is about romance between two young adults who was attracted to each other but fell apart then eventually meet again in their old ages. Even with change upon their appearances,the love they had for each other still remained the same because love isn’t about looks it’s about what is inside a person. After finishing the book, it made me feel like no matter how long it took the two to meet again, if the was true/real it always finds its way around. It does not matter who someone is or how long it has been nor the distance between eachother what’s in your heart will remain there.The fact that short novel is written kind of like a poem, it attracts the readers and strengthens the concept of love. Although it is written in both Arabic and English, the novel is still romantic and is simple to read. The two characters are detailed and nicely written. Also the fact that I can understand what they feel and what they are going through made me really like this book. I like the how detailed the imagery is and how vivid it is. The situation of the characters is very relatable and emotional and appeals to readers now. It will keep anyone captivated and reading until the end. One thing that makes me look at love really different is how the two were in love with each other but neither of them knew how one another felt about each other. It’s crazy how love works and since I had been through alot when it come to the word love reading this book for me was an eye opener. To wrap it up about the short novel by Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri, I never read any of his work before nor have I ever heard of it. However, my first experience with his written has been great the way he show the meaning of love and romance was incredible. I actually felt different emotions as if I felt what the characters did inside the book, which is actually what kind of effect the writer should have among the readers of their work. This was first time actual taking the time out of my day to read a short novel written by an Arabic writer and the fact that it was not only written in english but also Arabic. I’m wonder does all poems or short novel are emotional because majority of the poems there assign to read or listen to has been about love whether is was a good feeling of love or ending up with a broken her, it involved the feeling “LOVE”. I will probably never read another Arabic novel enough I enjoy reading this one unless I am assigned by a class because I could never find interest from the start it has to be developed because I avoid the book til I couldn’t and realize I will have to do it anyways might as well get it out the way.

  22. Aubourn Johns
    Mahbuba Hammad
    Arab 290 – 70
    The Power of Love, Just a Breeze
    To understand love is to understand the motion of the universe. It is an emotion that united nations as well as started wars. It has existed since the origin of human behavior, yet it continues to mystify the ages. In this romantic novel, Breezes by Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri, describes the tales of love and nostalgia. In this Arabic to English translation of the novel, we follow the tale of a nameless couple and their encounters. It goes into detail on thoughts from both partners, giving the reader a seemingly omniscient view of the lovers relationship, allowing us to become closer to both the protagonist, developing a more intimate understanding of their relationship. This new realm of intimacy made the plot development even more relatable, which is seemingly impossible seeing how everyone experiences love. The novel depicts not only love, but the many secondary emotions that are connected and followed by loving someone. The novel is broken into seventeen sections, each depicting a different era in the lover’s journey, as well as different morals and emotions.

    Throughout the novel the two lovers are not described by their names. I found it difficult to follow whose point of view was being expressed as I read the story, but eventually I became accustomed to it. From both point of views it was very apparent that they held deep reserves of emotion for one another, their primary flaw being fear of one another. They refused to reveal their true emotions to one another out of fear, whether it be fear of rejection or the lack of reciprocation. To me this fear is something that many youthful lovers encounter, and it can often ruin a relationship even before it starts. Once lovers can pass the obstacle, they can be completely honest with each other, allowing their love to fully flourish. The lack of such stability in a relationship will stunt its growth, always making a couple reflect and disregret actions and lack thereof. As the book concludes and the couple journey comes to an end, it becomes apparent that their love for one another was real. The reconnection of two parts of one soul, and we see that real love with stands all.

    Above all, I loved the imagery used throughout the novel to display the connection between the two lovers. Time and time again we are given vivid imagery of the complications of love, with detailed similes and metaphors used to better clarify the author’s purpose, and the truth of the characters thoughts and feelings. Something about the usage of imagery allows the reader to fully understand the purpose of the content they are reading. This understanding allows us to decipher the underlying lessons and morals entailed within every story. As I completed Breezes, I believe its underlying message was made very apparent.

    Overall I enjoyed the read, only issue I encountered was slight disconnect in the translation, it made certain portions of the novel difficult to understand. Im sure that if I was able to read arabic the imagery would be more accurate, as well clear and understandable. As a helpless romantic, I found the struggles faced by the couple to be very relatable and their joys to be clear and enjoyable. I can only hope that my love is as true as that of these two lovers, that one day my partner will be able to write a novel on our struggles and our success, and that nothing could possibly separate us, The power of love is enough to move mountains, just by the current of a breeze.

  23. The novel “Breezes” written by Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri is not quite a book, novel, or collection of poems in my opinion. I do not know what to call it exactly other than its structure is nothing like I have really seen. It is well written and has structure because the story makes sense but you have to follow along and understand what part of the story is being said. Not only do you have to be able to understand what point or what part of the story you are reading, you have to be able to understand what view point it is being said by. This is why I said it is really nothing like I have ever seen. It jumps from the man’s point of view and later it will jump to the woman’s point of view. The book is written with a lot of literature behind the writing and there are many visuals within the writing. If I had to describe the writing style I would describe the writing style as a poetic novel. Aside from looking at the books structure, the overall theme of the poetic novel is love. Now I am not talking about the boring love stories that go on and on and seem to have no point, I am talking about the kind of love stories that have their complications and interesting points. It does have its points that do seem to go on and on, but they were necessary to express the kind of relationship we saw. We see points of trust, dedication, patience, being shy, and even rumors turning a relationship sour.
    To open your insight to how this is a love story, it is about a man and a woman who have known each other since a young and for a very long time. We understand that they have feelings for each other because we read it in the context from both of their point of views. I feel they clearly state how they have feeling for each other, but this is where we see how they are shy. As a result of them not sharing their emotions to each other, we see that they have friend zoned themselves. They are just too shy to say anything and they are afraid that if they both do not feel the same way towards each other, they fear that their strong friendship will break. We see dedication when they are split away from each other for reason that are not necessarily in their power. They have dedication that they will reunite and they trust that they will be waiting for each other. They understand that the reuniting will take time so they have the patience to wait for each other. In another scene in the book, there is a scene when the two are in school and someone spread a rumor that the man of the relationship was cheating on the woman in the relationship. This of courses turned the relationship into a sour point because heads are spinning on what is truth and lies. This is a high conflicting point in the poetic novel, but we see later the disputes get resolved. By the end, we see they have been apart, together, apart through processes they could not control and perceive but they end together old and at the same place both together and happy.
    Now if I were asked whether or not I would suggest this book to others, I would say yes. Understanding that this book was translated from Arab to English speaks to me because I understand that not all books are cross translated so it has a sort of special thing for it already. People reading it might experience a whole different cultural idea towards ideas of love and how it is treated in different parts of the world. Now I understand that novels that are related with love are perceived as girly readings, but given that it is placed in both viewpoints of a man and a woman, I feel it can be read by both genders. The overall feeling of seeing how a relationship can really work also just gives readers that eye to eye kind of thinking so they can view what really goes on with in them, so essentially it is a learning experience. Having to cross reference and pay attention to what is going on and who is speaking also just helps readers be able to stay attentive. Overall, people should read this book for the cultural, understanding relationships, and because people can see different perspectives from both genders.

  24. In the book “Breezes” by Wafica Mansour AlDoueiri it is about two people who find each in a later part of their live after they have not seemed each other for a numerous of years. This is some sort of a love storybook in my eyes that can remind me of many others I have come across. In the book you can tell that they are very passionate and love each other after knowing one another for a while when they were younger but there was separation of both them in a point in their life. Also there was a point where they were both madly in love with each and also very fond of each other which makes it cute in my eyes coming from a guy. I’ve come to learn that once you truly love someone you always will and you can tell that right off the bat in this book. In the book it was translated in English but was written in Arabic and was very weird how it was from right to left but I felt more amused because of it, its not very often that you read a novel like that. In the story there a sense of fear, as in like rejection of one another even though they really love each other it gives an idea that just because you are in love doesn’t mean you necessarily mean you cant be frighten by them. That’s one thing I did really like because it was something I would feel like I would go through such as being afraid or nervous like being insecure in a sense. I can relate to this book a lot because I know I will come across someone I once loved in far future and have the same spark in our like they did when they saw each other when they were older. The author went very well with giving you an vivid image of what was going on throughout the reading as if you were actually there to witness it all, which made it 10 times more easier to understand when the writer puts you in that perspective. You can somehow relate this novel to an American love story but you cant because of the Middle Eastern culture that the story has. For example, it would be way harder for a couple to be together in the Arabic culture because for a woman she is married to who ever the father feels like is fit for the job pretty much and the man has no choice to respect her father decision of course. Unlike and American culture one would marry whoever they would like because they do not have someone to choose who they love and in America not every takes their culture very serious so it would be hard to say they are the same sort of story. Reading this novel you can tell from the beginning it’s a story where you will have to wait for it to build up and for it to click. Them being so in love was quite frustrating at times because why would you question love, if that makes sense. But I believe that it was better off that they meet way later on in their lives because they have way more experience then when they did when they were younger and also they were things holding them back at that time of separation. I felt like they is a point where they were both stubborn because one would not do anything unless the other did it first but neither one of them did it because they feared rejection. In truths of it, you can sense that the love between each other was pure no matter what they went through, and it kind of sad that nothing happen through their younger years but still I’m pretty happy that both got to see each other in their elderly years of life and reminisce about their love. I would definitely recommend this book if you are a hopeless romantic such as I am.

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