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IQRA Online is quickly becoming one of the leading Quran institutes online. At IQRA, we believe that teaching Quran is a heavy responsibility that we don’t take lightly.  Our Quran tutors are intensively tested and trained by our expert Quran management, in order to ensure that you receive only the best Quran education.

Learning Quran online or how to read Quran is easy with IQRA.  Just within the first week, you will notice an improvement in your Quran reading and recitation.  With years of experience in teaching Quran online, you can comfortably learn Quran memorization, recitation or tajweed with IQRA.

We bring for you the option to learn Quran and Arabic online with Expert Quran Teachers. Our teachers bring with them years of expertise, and in-depth knowledge of various best techniques to learn Quran so that you don’t have to face any kind of struggle. Even if you are keen to learn how to memorize Quran fast, we have specifically designed courses to help you achieve the same.

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