People and Place: Aswan High Dam

Contributed By: Elisheva Cohen
Language of Presentation: English
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School Level: College/University, Middle/High School
Institution/Provider: University of Texas at Austin
Author: Natalie Arsenault, Christopher Rose, Christopher Rose, Jordan Phillips
Collection: Human-Environmental Interactions
Condition of Use: Fair Use for Education

In this unit, a part of the People and Place curriculum from UT Austin, students learn about the construction of the Aswan High Dam and the positive and negative impact it had on Egypt’s physical environment. Students will also learn about specific issues involved in sharing water resources between nations. The unit includes five activities designed to strengthen social studies skills and culminates in a final activity where students apply the knowledge they have gained to consider how countries in the Nile basin should share water resources. All materials needed for these activities and assessment are included in the resource. >

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