Restoring Women to World Studies: A Document Based Curriculum Unit for Grades 9-12

Contributed By: Connor Seidenschwarz
Language of Presentation: English
Media Format: Downloadable File
School Level: Middle/High School
Institution/Provider: The International Outreach Consortium at the University of Texas at Austin
Author: Natalie Arsenault, Christopher Rose, Allegra Azulay, and Rachel Meyer
Condition of Use: Fair Use for Education

The following resource is part of a larger resource on women’s issues through history in the world. This lesson plan specifically focuses on the Arab World, and the relation between Islam and women in the age of the Arab renaissance. Writings on the subject by Arab authors, and guiding questions related to these excerpts for students to engage with are included in this documented recommended for grades 9-12. The following is the table of contents of the document:


Table of Contents


Standards Alignment

Introduction: Restoring Women to World Studies

Classroom Activity: Graffiti Wall — “What are Gender Norms?”

Graphic Organizer: Gender Norms and Women’s Responses

Classroom Activity: Analyzing Images of Women

Case Studies—

The Arab World: Islam and Feminism in the Age of the Arab Renaissance

Brazil: Black Women’s Work and Social Progress

Chile and Argentina: Madre = Resistencia: Mothers of the Disappeared

India: Women in the Indian Independence Movement: The Salt Protests of 1930

Israel : Pioneers in Pre-state Israel: The Women of the First Aliyah

Russia: Women’s Work or Women’s Rights? Russia after the Revolution

Sri Lanka: Juki Girls: Clothing, Factory Work, and Changing Gender Roles in Sri Lanka

Yugoslavia: Women in Black—Belgrade: Making Their Silence Heard

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