Sout Al Horeya (Sound of Freedom) Song

Contributed By: Mahbuba Hammad
Language of Presentation: Arabic, English
Media Format: Streaming Video, Webpage
School Level: College/University, Middle/High School
Institution/Provider: Arabian Collection
Author: Hany Adel, Amir Eid, Amr Ismail, Sherif Hawary, Sherif Mostafa
Collection: Sout Al Horeya (Sound of Freedom) Song
Condition of Use: Custom Permissions

Produced by Amr Ismail, Sout Al Horeya (Voice of Freedom) is a song that gives voice to Egyptian protesters during the revolution. The song describes the Egyptian people’s motivation to revolt, citing¬†their dreams as their motivation. It takes its name after the Egyptian people’s notion that the sound of freedom is calling them. >

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