Teaching About Stereotypes of the Arab World

Contributed By: Connor Seidenschwarz
Language of Presentation: English
Media Format: Streaming Video
School Level: College/University, Elementary, Middle/High School
Institution/Provider: Qatar Foundation International
Author: Arabic Language and Culture Program - Qatar Foundation International
Collection: 2015 QFI Arabic Summer Institute
Condition of Use: Fair Use for Education

This is session 8 of 10 of the 2015 Arabic Summer Institute by Qatar Foundation International. This is a discussion of how to teach while acknowledging stereotypes and encouraging students to challenge those stereotypes. Led by Barbara Petzen of Primary Source (primarysource.org).

-Un-teaching Stereotypes
—What is a stereotype?
—Where do they come from?
—Effect of stereotypes

-Curiosity vs. Aversion to complexity

-American Stereotypes of Arabs, Muslims, Middle Easterners

-Aladdin Exercise
—Stereotype recognition
—Close reading of images

-Authentic vs Inauthentic Materials

-Close Reading of Images Exercise
—Reinforcing and breaking down stereotypes within the same image

-How do we challenge stereotypes?

-How authentic/representative/real are the sources you are examining?

-Foreign stereotypes of the United States and Americans

-Arab stereotypes of other Arabs

-Key Strategies for teaching about controversial issues
—Creating a dialogue

How to teach about Islam?
—How to talk about Islam and stereotypes of violence
—Who is a Muslim?

-Relationship between Islam and Extremist violence
—Where does it come from?
—Recruitment of youth

-Gender in Arab Societies

-Looking at the Hijab as;
Religious Identity,
Cultural Marker,
Global Context,
Pop Culture,

-Complexity and Multiple Perspectives

-Media Literacy
—Project Look Sharp: http://www.projectlooksharp.org/?acti…

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