Teaching About the Arab World Through Literature

Contributed By: Connor Seidenschwarz
Language of Presentation: English
Media Format: Streaming Video
School Level: College/University, Elementary, Middle/High School
Institution/Provider: Qatar Foundation International
Author: Arabic Language and Culture Program - Qatar Foundation International
Collection: 2015 QFI Arabic Summer Institute
Condition of Use: Fair Use for Education

This is session 2 of 10 of the 2015 Arabic Summer Institute by Qatar Foundation International. The session is a presentation and discussion of Primary Source (https://www.primarysource.org/), an online source for literary teaching materials, led by Barbara Petzen, President and Founder of Middle East Connections and Josh Cracraft, Program Director with Primary Source.

-How do you choose literature for teaching materials?
—Literature as a great way to put yourself in others’ shoes
—A way to get beyond the headlines

-Teachers examine example texts with Primary Source Rubric in-hand

-How do you evaluate a book? (Rubric read and discussed for how to do so)
—Will it bore the students?
—Is it informative?
—Question of authenticity

-What is authentic material?
—Arab writers/Non-Arab writers
—Writing from experience
—Different perspectives from different authors

-What is inauthentic?
—”Armchair Historians”

-Accuracy and Authenticity
—Understanding and Empathy
—Language Barriers

-Usability, Applicability
—Politically; Sexual Content, Religious violence, Language use
—Circumstances and audience

-Teachers asked to work in pairs/individually to examine texts
—Texts presented to group

-Discussion of Rubric
—Points system or simple notes to determine evaluation

-“Game for Swallows” discussed for use in the classroom
—Graphic Novels; possible to use for activities in Arabic

-“The Librarian of Basra” discussed for use in the classroom

-“Sitti’s Secrets” discussed for use in the classroom
—Could be used to teach diversity in the Arab World

Resource page on teaching literature about the modern Middle East:http://resources.primarysource.org/mi…

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