“What did I say?” Listening Assessment

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Author: Martina Bex
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This resource provides information on how to administer varied assessment types.It provides information on how to make the assessments feel less like an exam and more like an activity in order to reduce student anxiety. Assessments to assess students comprehension across all language skills are provided. >

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  1. I think focusing on translating does not help well students for many reasons: Students need to practice the language by listening to it, writing it or even speaking it. Having them translate it might be occurred through electronic devices or websites ” Google translate” unless the teacher monitor the whole process. Instead have students write what they have already known through a speaking or listening test provided before this assignment.

  2. I was very attracted to the title as resources we all need. I had hope I would found a comprehensive oral test classified by different levels with passages to read and questions to ask, and scale to calculate and sample answers to correct against.

    I hope the author will build on his/her awesome idea a product that ready to use, rather a good idea.

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