100 years of Middle East history

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This resource presents the past 100 years in the Middle East, from 1912-2012. The list begins in 1912, with the signing of the Treaty of Fes, and making Morocco a protectorate of the French. The list includes images and text and ends on June 24, 2012 with the election of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt. Each moment in history includes a short text and an image which can be used as a primary source document for analysis and discussion. >

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  1. it great to read and to see pictures that’s explain the middle east during hundred years.
    The text rich with information.
    Good to use with the new generation.
    know the history so we can share it with Arab and none Arab.

  2. We had learned about the middle east since we were kids,but what are others think about us,and are there any mistakes which we may participate in correcting them.

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