Cairo: Living Past, Living Future

Contributed By: Gregor Nazarian
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School Level: College/University, Elementary, Middle/High School
Institution/Provider: University of Texas at Austin Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Author: Christopher Rose with Linda Boxberger
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This module unit focuses on the historical and contemporary city of Cairo. There are two entry portals to this module: one for students and one for educators. The module is designed to have students complete readings, activities, and assessments. Elementary and middle school teachers could use this unit as a guide whereas high school educators can use it as primary text material in addition to as a teaching guide.



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  1. هو موضوع كبير واستطيع ان اخرج منه كثير من الافكار والنشاطات للطلاب، واضيف منه على المعلومات التى جمعتها مسبقا

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