Empires to Nation-States: Late Antiquity

Contributed By: Connor Seidenschwarz
Language of Presentation: English
Media Format: Downloadable File, Image/Photo, Webpage
School Level: Middle/High School
Institution/Provider: The Oriental Institute, The University of Chicago
Author: Walter E. Kaegi
Collection: Teaching the Middle East
Condition of Use: Custom Permissions

This module provides essays and lesson plans for teachers who want to introduce and explore intensifying political, military, commercial, religious and intellectual interrelationships of the Middle East with Mediterranean and European lands and peoples from 323 BCE to 622 CE. It includes the following essays:

“Greek Settlements Bind Parts of the Middle East to Mediterranean and Europe”

“Romans Restructure Regions and Facilitate Travel, Trade, and Defense, Deepen Ties With Europe”

“Middle East in Late Antiquity, after 150 CE:¬†Decline or Transformation?”

“Religious Conflicts in Late Antiquity”

“Whether Oriental Domination Prevailed and Caused the Downfall of the Empire”

“Was Late Antique Society Was an Unchanging Monolith”

“Social and Economic Rigidity of Classes”


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