Foreigncy: Practicing Reading Arabic with News Articles

Contributed By: Sumi Alkebsi
Language of Presentation: Arabic, English
Media Format: Downloadable File, Streaming Audio, Webpage
School Level: College/University, Middle/High School
Institution/Provider: Foreigncy LLC
Condition of Use: All Rights Reserved

Foreigncy is a website that helps with Arabic reading and vocabulary. It’s a way of finding quality resources to use outside of the classroom. The site describes itself as “a one-of-a-kind language training system for advanced level students and language professionals,” which “focuses on the practical aspects of language learning that are in demand by employers.”  They have daily news articles written in Arabic based off of actual news articles taken from a variety of reliable sources. They feature articles from both Pan-Arab news sites (such as Al Jazeera, Asharq Al-Awsat and BBC Arabic) and national outlets (such as the Lebanese Annahar or the Iraqi Al Sumaria News).

The website has English summaries of the article, which provide a brief background and context for the vocabulary covered. A short, Arabic-language video on the topic covered in the article is also provided in order to practice listening skills. There is also vocabulary, which is provided in the form of printable PDF lists, bilingual flashcards, audio recordings and a matching game.


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