The Question of Identity: Ethnicity, Language, Religion, and Gender: An Overview

Contributed By: Connor Seidenschwarz
Language of Presentation: English
Media Format: Downloadable File, Image/Photo, Webpage
School Level: Elementary, Middle/High School
Institution/Provider: The Oriental Institute, The University of Chicago
Author: Geoff Emberling
Collection: Teaching the Middle East
Condition of Use: Fair Use for Education

This module provides essays and lesson plans for teachers who want to introduce the complex identities of people in the ancient Middle East. More important than race and religion were identities formed on the basis of age and gender, tribal membership, language spoken or the cities in which they lived. It includes the following essays:

“The Question of Identity: Ethnicity, Language, Religion, and Gender”

“Ethnicity and Race”

“Language and Identity”

“The Creation of Ethnicity”

“How Do We Know About Ancient Ethnicity?”

“Has Race Always Been Significant to Identity?”


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